Anna Mariana brings Balinese-Betawi culture to DC Fashion Week

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Anna Mariana represented Indonesia at the 28th International Couture Collections Show, hosted by DC Fashion Week 2018. Her collection was showcased on Feb. 25 at Franklin Square in Washington, DC.

Anna’s collection, comprising 20 pieces under the House of Marsya label, was titled “Babe”a portmanteau of Bali and BetawiIt combined traditional woven fabrics with patterns from the two cultures.

From Bali, for instance, Anna used poleng (checkered patterns) that symbolize the philosophy of Rwa Bhineda, a concept that says that everything exists in terms of duality to bring cosmic balance to the universe, similar to the yin and yang concept in Taoism.

Designer Anna Mariana combined Balinese and Betawi culture in her ‘Babe’ collection that was showcased at DC Fashion Week 2018’s 28th International Couture Collections Show on Feb. 25 at Franklin Square, Washington, DC. (Anna Mariana/File)

Meanwhile, from Betawi, Anna designed patterns based on ondel-ondel (giant Betawi effigies). She also used the national colors of red and white for the fabrics with a touch of inspiration from the Garuda, which is part of the country’s national emblem.

A model walks down the catwalk wearing one of the pieces from Anna Mariana’s ‘Babe’ collection at DC Fashion Week. (Anna Mariana/File)

Anna said the collection was especially made by her. “I determined the colors, patterns on the fabrics and the designs,” she said, adding that she adjusted the designs to appeal to the international market.

Indonesian designer Anna Mariana aspires to spread Indonesian traditional woven fabrics outside the country. (Anna Mariana/File)

Known for her attempt to preserve traditional woven fabrics, Anna said she believed such fabrics could become popular outside Indonesia.

In addition to House of Marsya, fashion labels from the US, France, Ukraine and Senegal also presented. (wir/mut)

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